About us

Irwin Edgehill Training has been supporting individuals and teams for over a decade.  Founded by Irwin Edgehill, a Bournemouth based trainer and personal development coach, we have helped hundreds of people build their confidence and resilience empowering them to transform their personal & professional lives.

Our purpose is simple: To help people from all levels of life function better with their mental health and emotional well-being, in crucial areas such as stress management, confidence, self esteem, anxiety and assertiveness.

Our experience is significant.  As well as working with individuals we have also worked alongside housing associations, charities, government funded organisations and private companies delivering a wide range of tailor-made and accredited training courses across the UK

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than to witness the transformations we’ve seen in those people who’ve made a commitment to change and have taken the brave step of seeking support and training to improve their personal and professional lives. Are you ready to take the step?  

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