Feelings before fact

Are you putting FEELINGS before FACT?

Do you ever put feelings before fact and because of this your actions turn painfully against you? If your answer is yes, then keep reading.

Long before I started on my own path of spiritual freedom. When my life’s circumstances only ever yielded one disaster after another, I was constantly putting my feelings before fact. Causing me to pay a heavy price as I was:

  • Using feelings to gauge that the woman I was with was real, when in FACT they weren’t. 
  • Feeling that the boss had it in for me when in FACT they didn’t. 
  • Feeling like there was no hope of me ever transforming my confusion about life into clarity when in FACT there was.

This was all due to being controlled by my feelings and not by fact. Which, on reflection isn’t an emotionally sophisticated way to live.

If you are currently in this painful predicament, I implore you to spend time pondering this blog. Because once you gain clarity it will save you a whole lot of wasted emotional, mental, psychological as well as physical energy.

An example of this came up in a recent 1-2-1-coaching session. The participant who always seemed to find themself bouncing from one doomed relationship to another, had the courage to seek advice and ask the question: “WHY does this keep happening to me, Irwin?”

My response, based on my practical as well as theoretical experiences was ….: “It is SIMPLY because we live in a world that gets us to put feelings before FACTS.”

I’m not talking about feelings based on the everyday level. Such as feeling it might rain so I best take my brolly as I don’t want to get wet. I am talking on a higher level. Were our actions based on feelings and not FACTS will affect our emotional, mental, psychological, physical, and financial wellbeing.

Who are you being driven by?

So, the key question we need to ask of ourselves in any emotional situation is who am I being driven by? My FEELINGS or FACTS. And if my feelings seem to be overwhelming me, can I ‘remember to remember,’ to realise the damage it will cause me if I don’t try to see the FACTS of it.

This may well seem very elementary to the very few who have taken the time and energy to work on their inner selves. Who are now being guided by something higher than their five senses. But alas to the vast majority who aren’t, it isn’t.

Are you one of the majorities who puts your feelings before FACTS? Are you fed up with the resulting pain it causes? Then do your entire body a loving favour, and get in touch with Irwin Edgehill training by calling 07842 435921 or email info@irwinedgehilltraining.co.uk and we’ll help you put fact before feelings.  And whilst you are here, why not read some more of our blog posts on https://irwinedgehilltraining.com