There really is a cure for workplace stress

Confident that you are getting the most from your employees?

Has staff turnover or absenteeism increased? Is staff morale low and with it productivity and creativity? Then it’s quite likely that your business is suffering from the impact of work place stress.

Having worked with a wide range of organisations for many years who have dealt with the negative effects of workplace stress, it’s a fact that those who recognise and address this increasingly common affliction get the most out of their staff.

In a recent labour force survey it was stated that:
Staff take an average of 12 sick days a year, also 60- to 80% of primary care doctor visits are related to stress, yet only 3% of patients receive stress management help (JAMA Intern Med. 2013; 173(1): 76-77).
• The American Psychological report stated that 42 % of Americans report lying awake at night due to stress.

So where do you begin?

• Firstly and most importantly recognise that emotional wellbeing of your staff is key to increasing productivity, creativity, staff retention as well as reducing absenteeism.
• Acknowledge that staff wellbeing doesn’t mean treating staff to a cake or box of chocolates every now and again or letting them come to work on a Friday dressed casually.
• Empower your staff to tell you how they really feel about the working environment, the way they are being managed or their current workload.
• Ensure that your managers are trained to understand and recognise staff wellbeing and stress in the workplace. The days of ‘just get on with it and pull yourself together’ just don’t work in today’s always on, increasingly demanding working environment.
• Realise the value and benefit of investing time and money in your employees emotional wellbeing. See it as an investment in the business as you would a new piece of machinery or marketing campaign.
• Put in place a commitment and structure were all your employees recognise the value and benefit from regular life coaching sessions that cover stress management, assertiveness, mindfulness and self-esteem.

Recognise the situation? Want to begin to introduce the cure?

Contact us at Irwin Edgehill Training and discuss our range of services and solutions we offer to organisation like yours to begin to address work place stress. Email: or call 07842 435921.

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