Dark mood

There is something other than Darkness!

Are you feeling your emotional darkness will never end? Do you believe that this state is where you’ll always be? Unfortunately, many people go through life in emotional, mental, psychological, and spiritual darkness believing that this state is where they will always be. Never for one second believing that there is something other than darkness. 

Look around to see the darkness

Don’t take my word for it. The next time you are out, observe the people around you, particularly when they aren’t aware that you are watching. You’ll see their faces of gloom and darkness.

As I sit here writing this blog it’s occurred to me that much of my life has been spent in darkness. The darkness was perpetuated because of my mistaken belief that this was all there was for me. I found myself: 

  • Being secretly envious of others who had what I thought I couldn’t have
  • Pretending I was happy when I wasn’t
  • Thinking I was emotionally strong when I was weak 
  •  Yearning for authentic love without knowing how to attract it
  • Despising the hypocrisy of the world but at the same time wanting to be a part of it
  • Staying in relationships because I didn’t have the courage to stand alone
Something other than darkness

But there is something other than darkness

My question for you to ponder is this: What is your dominant mood when no one is around or watching you? If it’s darkness, don’t you think that it’s time to question if there is something else. How much more of it can you take before it gets too much? Because there is something other than darkness, it’s called self-development.

Move away from the darkness and into the light

It is only when we develop ourselves inwardly that we move away from darkness and into the light. As mentioned in a previous blog, this to a small minority of emotionally sophisticated souls is very elementary, but for the vast majority that aren’t, it sadly isn’t. 

If you really want something other than your current darkness then prove it to yourself and get some authentic help and guidance by contacting Irwin Edgehill Training on 07842 435 921 or info@irwinedgehilltraining.co.uk. You can also read our previous blogs by visiting www.irwinedgehilltraining.co.uk


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