Want freedom from the tyranny of your sentimental memories?

For some strange but practical reason, before I started on my own path of emotional freedom. I often found myself getting sentimental for those bygone days. When things appeared to be better than they really were.

Fast forward to today,  I often ask myself in moments of reflection: How many people actually live their lives in the NOW? Not getting caught up in the tyrannical trap of their sentimental memories, like I mistakenly did.

I use the word tyranny because that is what it felt like for me. To be continually subjected to those thoughts. And this reflection motivated me to write this blog. To ask the question to you! Would you like to be free from the tyranny of your sentimental memories? 

There is nothing gained from sentimental memories to your emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual, and as a result physical wellbeing. Negative thoughts connect with every part of us to our detriment, as do our positive thoughts but to our betterment. 

Painful thoughts are perpetuated by oneself

Little did I realise until a very wise man taught me, my painful thoughts were being perpetuated by myself. I was keeping them real and present because I wasn’t doing anything to help my current situation. The past at the time seemed like the logical place to dwell because I didn’t recognise I needed to have the courage, persistence, and guidance to make my life better and brighter. 

Don’t stop looking back on achievements and milestones

There is nothing wrong in looking back on our achievements and milestones. To motivate ourselves with our future goals or aspirations, or to even inspire those around us as I am trying to do with this blog. However, we need to be aware there will be definite emotional defeat if we look back sentimentally, with unconscious mechanicalness.

I posed this question in one of my recent Assertiveness Workshop’s. At first the group were unconvinced by the possibility that they had the power to transform their sentimental feelings, which was quickly destroying them. However, as the session ended most of them gained clarity. Feeling they had it within them to free themselves from the tyranny of their sentimental memories. But only if they were willing to put in the hard work and effort needed.

If you want to free yourself from the tyranny of sentimental memories, then have the courage of your convictions and contact us by calling 07842 435921 or email info@irwinedgehilltraining.co.uk and we’ll help you make it a reality.  And whilst you are here, why not read some more of our blog posts on https://irwinedgehilltraining.com

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